FTTX - FTTH Infrastructure

Fiber To The Home FTTH

FTTH solutions represent a new and exciting market that will revolutionize the way in which the people live and work. As an alternative evolved traditional copper networks or hybrid networks of fiber-optic and copper, FTTH directly takes the signals from the services of operators, to your home or workplace.

The high bandwidth, that provides optical fiber, eliminates bottlenecks that occur in the last mile, allowing the emergence of new services such as high definition television or video on demand.

Redislogar has an extensive catalogue of solutions aimed at infrastructure of Fiber To Home equipment, Central Office, for both fiber and its points of distribution network to own homes or workplaces. Redislogar has specific solutions for different architectures that can present a FTTH network:
Networks P2P (point to point)
Networks PON, GPON; EPON.
WDM - PON networks

Central Office Solutions

Racks and cabinets
The HUBER+SUHNER product range contains all the necessary components for a successful network installation. It includes different types of cabinets, sub racks, compact modules, cable termination boxes and splice closures as well as various accessories.
The LiSA (Leading Interconnect Systems Approach) distribution system is a complete, passive cabling system for the safe, easy management of fibers or cables.

FO Cable Ducting System
The HUBER+SUHNER RaceWay system provides fast, secure and reliable routing of fiber optic cables between multiple distribution points in a network.

Assemblies and cable systems
Pre-assembled, ready to connect: Fiber optic assemblies and cable systems from HUBER+SUHNER guarantee the rapid and safe installation of reliable connections – even in the field. These solutions are used for a range of different indoor and outdoor applications.

Outside Plant FTTH Solutions

Closures, distribution enclosures, outlets
Intelligent enclosures are required to connect and distribute optical fibers in Fiber to the Home, Fiber in the Home or LAN networks. HUBER+SUHNER Fiber Optics offer new solutions for all distribution applications, which fulfil typical glass fiber requirements such as the bending radius limits, fiber overlength storage and the secure attachment of splice connections.
Fast and convenient installation, high packing density and optimized integration of glass fibres are the primary characteristics of the newly designed LISA – wall box series. All requirements coming from the FTTH, FITH, LAN- as well as from the industrial cabling are considered within the innovative HUBER+SUHNER box family. Available in different IP protection classes, all disposable wall boxes are distinguished by their high robustnes

Splitters and WDM for PON networks
Huber + Suhner offers a wide range of power splitters for P2MP networks from 2 to 64 output fibers.
Airmed at the classic PON environment, our splitters can be supplied as components only or as LISA modules.
Our pre-terminated solutions offer the fastest installations and maximum flexsibility in the field. The factory tested approach eliminates much of the signal loss created by pigtail splicing and the presentation to adapters offers customers a flexible and simple connection method using standard patch cables.

Optibox – for single or small multi dwelling units
OptiBox  is a fiber optic distribution and termination enclosure, which is used for splicing, patching and to perform with passive optical components. The straightforward mounting box has its main use in telecommunication (Fiberto-the-Home/Fiber In The Home) and is specially designed for indoor or outdoor deployment (IP 54). In order to protect the fibers from bending or environmental influence, conventional loose tube cables as well as micro cables or conduits of blow-in systems can be fastened to the inside of the box. Further, there can be fastened various gas and water blocking systems inside the box..

Fiber In The Home FITH

 As buildings and households are increasingly being wired with optical fibres, broadband connections are even today becoming a reality for all users. Bandwidth intensive applications such as High-Definition-, 3D Television or High-Speed Internet have thus ceased to be mere visions.

New, revolutionary connectors and fibre types enable easy optical fibre installation inside buildings and residential dwelling units without requiring bending radii to be taken into account. The installation of these new cable and connector types in empty pipe systems or surface mounted under difficult conditions has thus been transformed into an easy and reliable matter.

OptiBox32 – for multi dwelling units

  • User friendly splicing and patching box, consisting of base, fiber management support and a cover.
  • Detachable fiber management support.
  • Up to 32 adapters in SC shape (LC, LX.5, SC) mounted inside of the enclosure.
  • Up to 16 positions to equip individually with ACS Splice Cassettes.
  • 2 cable entries, 2 cable exits on the top and 8 exits at the bottom.
  • Outside cable entries / exits are sealed with hinged half-shelf grommets.
  • Radius protected PatchCord overlength storage.
  • Pigtail to Pigtail configuration.
  • Key lockable cover.
  • UV radiation resistant housing.
  • Enclosure impermeability matches the requirement of moderate outdoor applications.

Installation Cables acc. ITU-T G.657 A2

Innovative new types of fiber-optic cable in accordance with the ITU G.657.A/B standard with optimised attenuation loss and small bending radii support simplified in-house installation, even by untrained installers, for this mass installation. Depending on the cabling model, colour coded installation cables with between 1 and 4 fibers are used. The respective fiber ends are spliced into the access network via the BEP and onto detachable connectors (pigtails) in the OTO.
New, revolutionary fibre types enable easy optical fibre installation inside buildings and residential dwellings without requiring bending radii to be taken into account. The installation of these new cable types in empty pipe systems or surface mounting even under difficult conditions has thus been transformed into an easy and reliable matter. HUBER+SUHNER offer installation cables with reduced bending radii (Low-Bend) to standard ITU G.657 A2 with 1 to 4 fibres allow reliable and easy installation.

  • Installation friendly, optical telecommunication outlet consisting of base, cover, adapter and mounting plate.
  • Fiber overlength management designed for low bend fibers with a secondary coating of 600 μm.
  • Accepts up to 2 adapters with SC format (LC, SC,LX.5).
  • Adapters, respectively connector interfaces are dustand laser protected.
  • Radius protected fiber overlength management, minimumbend radius of 15 mm.
  • Up to 4 crimp- or fusion splices, storage of heatshrink or sandwich splice protectors.
  • All-side cable entry to break-out.
  • Outlets can be linked in serial.
  • Cover to be screwed on, screw can be sealed.
  • Possibility of cover labelling given.
  • Colour in pure white.
  • Patchcord locking features.

CLIK! – MATV solutions
The latest trends in LNB (Low Noise Block converter) design for commercially available satellite systems have contributed to the development of the revolutionary CLIK! connector. Innovative optical cabling systems will be used in the future to ensure the proper transmission of optical data with high bit rates from the LNB to the media converter, even over longer distances.
The CLIK! connection concept consists of a compact fiber-optic connector,

 whose round design with an external diameter of just 5 mm allows the smooth pulling of pre-assembled cable systems even in the smallest of conduit systems.
When used in combination with star or bus splitters, complex in-house satellite distribution systems can be set up in a very short time.
  • Miniaturised space-saving design (diameter < 5 mm); fits into every duct.
  • Preterminated patchcord for easiest installation.
  • Robust push-pull connector for reliable and quick installation.
  • Singlemode low bend fiber according to ITU-T G.657 A2.
  • Excellent mechanical and environmental performance.
  • LSFH-jacket (Low Smoke Free of Halogen).
  • Blind-mating; excellent usability in tight environments.
  • Pulling-eye Applications.

Aplicaciones en cableado DTT, instalaciones SMATV y redes CATV, FTTH y FITH  Networks.